Allergy, help! Need advice.

Allergy, help! Need advice.

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Ok, the doctor gave me B12 pills which gave me an allergic reaction (rash, fever, swollen throat, burning sensation and itchiness, swollen eyes) So she asked me to try another brand, saying that it was the additives which caused the reaction.
I tried a brand that was additive free, but I feel worse than ever. I have fever and severe shortness of breath. I can't even talk without experiencing shortness of breath. So am I allergic to something in the actual B12? I'm on cyanocobalamin pills. I also tried sublingual methylcobalamin, but couldn't detect any effect what so ever. If anything I was feeling more fatigued. That's why I switched back to another brand of cyanocobalamin. With the cyanocobalamin I feel less fatigued at first, and less half-conscious. Unfortuntely after about 24 hours I have bad allergic reactions to these pills.
Does anyone have experience of allergies and B12? Also, should I go back and try the "useless" methylcobalamin pills and hope that I might feel less unconscious after a while? I can't afford feeling like I'll pass out any moment all the time. I have a 2 year old to lok after. I'm impatient for any kind of improvement. Does anyone have experience of sublingual methylcobalamin and how long did it take before they started to show an effect? I'm so sick and tired of this. When I dress my daughter in the morning I have to lie down on the floor to rest, so I don't pass out. Being ill is BORING! My doctors I have seen so far seem to know less than I do.

please help

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