Swapping Watts for Heavy Metal Poisoning

Swapping Watts for Heavy Metal Poisoning

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As you probably know, there has been a decades-long war against lead contamination. On a state-wide and city-wide scale, countless inspectors and professional Hazardous Material Removal Crews have found and removed tons of the toxic heavy metal from the rock bound coasts of Maine to the sandy shores of California. Some cities are still having a tough time with lead paint, and while this laudable effort continues, our ever clueless Congress has gone and made a mess of things... again.
I'm sure you know about the Banning of Incandescent Bulbs by our laughable leaders. That’s right, back in December of 2007 the clueless Congress, in another abhorrent act of Job Justification and Political Pandering, banned our user-friendly ally, the Incandescent Bulb. The ban, which begins in 2012 with the phasing out of the 100-watt bulb, continues consigning Incandescent Bulbs to history with the eventual phase out of the 40-watt bulb by 2014.
Do you know what really burns me, my friends? In this age of "Conservation" and "Ecological Responsibility", our clueless Congress has gone and forced another troublesome Toxic Heavy Metal into our homes.any idea.?

Please help.

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